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Failure to do so may damage the carbon monoxide monitor and result in sickness or death. • The intrinsic safety of the carbon monoxide monitor is voided when remote alarm is used. • The intrinsic safety of the carbon monoxide monitor is voided when the 110120 volt AC adapter is used. WARNINGW 38901801472_CarbMonMan 6/12/03 10:52 AM Page 6

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The C7355 air quality sensors monitor temperature, Humidity, carbon dioxide, particulate matter and TVOC all in one wall or duct mountable module. ... The Carbon Monoxide Wireless …

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CO420 Carbon Monoxide Detector 420ma Car Park Building monitoring Sensors. The CO420 Sensors are available for Industrial and Commercial Gas Detection systems eg. underground carparks according to AS1668, Indoor GoKart Centers, Tunnels etc. The CO 420mA sensors are universal and can be set at customers requirements.

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The reason that CO sensors are potentially susceptible to hydrogen (H2) interference is the reaction that is used to detect gas. Hydrogen is actually part of the detection reaction. The relative response to hydrogen depends on the brand and model of sensor. Some commonly used CO sensors show a relative response to hydrogen as high as 60%.

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CO Sensor Highlights. Measures 0–10000 ppm. Accurate to +/ 45 ppm + 3% of reading. CO data can be reviewed and exported. Based on a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) …

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CO2 meters, CO2 sensors, CO2 monitors and data loggers for business, research, industry, and home. Prices online. We ship daily. (877) 6784259 Toll Free.

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As a solutions provider for gas sensor technology, smartGAS can offer custom solutions. Gases include: CO CO 2 Acetone, nbutane, ethane, methane propane Refrigerant gases NOX and other pollutant gases. These NDIR gas sensors work without moving parts or chemical reactants.

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The CO Sensor is a perfectly designed, wireless smart home device with chemical and temperature sensors to maximize safety from carbon monoxide and possible fire. Carbon monoxide detector with such great features guarantees safety to your whole family. Make your smart home a safer place.

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Industrial Scientific Ventis® MX4 Pentane, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide And Carbon Monoxide Monitor Industrial Scientific Ventis® MX4 Pentane, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide And Carbon Monoxide Monitor. Show Full Description Hide Full Description. Airgas Part :I24VTSK1231100101

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15x15 Carbon Monoxide Sensor 1000 ppm Package 110109 3SP_CO_1000 C. 3SP_CO_1000 C 15x15 CO Sensor 1000 ppm Package 110109. Measurement Range: 0 to 1,000 ppm. Long Life. Low Power. Fast Response ( 15 seconds).

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SYSTEM SENSOR 4 The following UL standards apply to CO detectors: ANSI/UL 2075 is the product standard for CO detectors connected to a con trol panel via conductors or lowpower radio frequency (wireless). ANSI/UL 2034 is the product standard that covers selfcontained CO alarms that are not designed or listed to be connected to a control panel.

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Carbon Monoxide Detector ,CO Gas Monitor Alarm Detector Complies with UL 2034 Standards ,CO Sensor with LED Digital Display for Home,Depot,Battery Powered out of 5 stars 56 1 offer from


ABOUT NYAD CO ANALYZER Your CO analyzer is a selfcontained unit capable of measuring the concentration of Carbon Monoxide. The range is 0 to 2,000 parts per million by volume (ppmv). The CO analyzer features two adjustable alarm contacts.