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Zoll Capnostat 5 Mainstream CO2 Sensor (Capno 5 ...

Zoll Capnostat 5 80000312 Mainstream CO2 Sensor for use with Zoll E Series and R Series defibrillators with End Tidal CO2 capabilities.. Made by Respironics for Zoll Medical, the CapnoStat 5 sensor provides fast response and reliable monitoring for Capnography, includes Capnostat 5 cable/sensor as pictured, and airway adapter (start up supply, more can be …


CAPNOSTAT® 5 MAINSTREAM CO 2 SENSOR 21st Century CO 2 Technology™ for mainstream CO 2 monitoring in critically ill, intubated patients. The CAPNOSTAT 5 Sensor is the ideal capnography solution for your patient monitoring system. It provides technologically advanced measurement of EndTidal Carbon Dioxide (ETCO2), respiration rate,

R Series End Tidal Carbon Dioxide (EtCO2

The first option uses a unique, mainstream, solidstate, infrared sensor called the CAPNOSTAT® 5 Mainstream CO 2 Sensor. The CAPNOSTAT 5 CO2 sensor is attached to an airway adapter that connects to an endotracheal (ET) tube or other airway and measures gases flowing through these breathing circuit components. A disposable mouthpiece may be

Respironics CO2 Mainstream Sensor, Capnostat 5 Dispomed

· Respironics CO2 Mainstream Sensor, Capnostat 5. Compatible with Digicare LifeWindow One, LifeWindow Lite LW8 and LifeWindow LW9 monitors. There are no reviews yet. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *.

Mainstream Sensor (Respironics CAPNOSTAT 5 Compatible ...

Compatibility. This item is compatible with Philips Respironics CAPNOSTAT 5 End Tidal CO2 (EtCO2) mainstream sensors for all applicable patient monitors with a standard 8pin 2key LEMO connector. Please send us an image of the EtCO2 output on your monitor to confirm compatibility if uncertain.

GE Marquette Capnostat Mainstream CO2 Sensor USOC Medical

Request Price. USOC Part Number: USOC412340002 Categories: GE Dash 3000 Parts, GE Dash 4000 Parts, GE Dash 5000 Parts, GE Monitor Parts, GE Parts, Parts. Description. Description. GE Marquette Capnostat Mainstream CO2 Sensor Refurbished. OEM Part Number: 412340002.

Respironics CAPNOSTAT MainStream CO2 Sensor Module ...

Respironics CAPNOSTAT MainStream CO2 Sensor Module. 1, The Respironics CAPNOSTAT MainStream CO 2 Sensor Module (ETCo2_Main / 1015928 – End Tidal CO 2) includes the Disposable Adult Airway Adapter (606300) and Disposable Neonatal (Infant/Pediatric) Airway Adapter (631200). It is intended for use with the M3B Vital Signs …

CAPNOSTAT 5 capnography CareFusion

CAPNOSTAT ® 5 capnography Volumetric capnography goes beyond EtCO 2 Now you can have CO 2 measurements in a single, compact sensor that easily plugs into the AVEA® ventilator. Volumetric capnography, utilizing the new CAPNOSTAT® 5 sensor, adds an impressive array of advanced monitoring features.

Capnostat sensor 5 | Puls

Capnostat sensor 5 CO2 sensor. Sensor for å måle CO2 "mainstream" med en Maquet CO2 modul og et Maquet luftveisadapter. I tillegg kreves det en softwareinnstallering på selve respiratoren. Full produktbeskrivelse. Spesifikasjoner. Capnostat sensor 5

CAPNOSTAT5 MainstreamSensor MediDidakt

CAPNOSTAT 5 Mainstream Sensor. CO2Sensor. Verwendbar für folgende Primedic Geräte: EVO 97224. Zusätzliche Information. Gewicht: kg: Marke: Primedic. Jetzt individuelles Angebot anfordern. Gerne unterbreiten wir Ihnen ein individuelles Angebot. Bitte hinterlassen Sie hier die gewünschte Menge und Ihre persönlichen Daten.

CO2 Mainstream Capnostat (Lutech) Thames Medical Ltd.

CO2 Mainstream Capnostat (Lutech) £ 1, The Lutech Mainstream Capnostat, for use with the Datalys V5 and V7 monitors by Lutech. CO2 Mainstream Capnostat (Lutech) quantity. Add to cart. Categories: Accessories, Multiparameter Monitor Accessories.

CO2 monitoring Hamilton Medical

The CAPNOSTAT5 sensor provides technologically advanced measurements of endtidal carbon dioxide (PetCO2) and respiratory rate, in addition to a clear, accurate capnogram at all respiratory rates of up to 150 breaths per minute. The mainstream sensor in combination with the Hamilton Medical flow sensor allows a volumetric capnography.

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Respironics CO2 Mainstream Sensor, Capnostat 5. › Accessories › Monitoring › Capnography › LifeWindow 9x › Respironics CO2 Mainstream Sensor, Capnostat 5. Back to …