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A2 Planarintegrierte phasensensitive THzSensoren | GRK ...

A2 Planarintegrated phase sensitive THzsensoren for coherent imaging Project Leaders. Prof. Dr. Peter HaringBolivar, Prof. Dr. Max Lemme. Initial Situation. In the development of THzdetector technologies there is a basic differentiation between coherent and incoherent detectors.

THz measurement, detectors and sensors GMP SA

THz Measurement Detectors. The THz portion of the electromagnetic spectrum fills the gap between the far infrared and the microwaves. More precisely, it is nestled between the highfrequency edge of the microwave band, 300 gigahertz (3×1011 Hz), and the longwavelength edge of farinfrared light, 3000 GHz (3×1012Hz or 3 THz).

A2 THzsensor development | GRK Universität Siegen

A2 THzsensor development Project Leader. Prof. Dr. Peter HaringBolivar, Prof. Dr. Ullrich Pfeiffer. Initial Situation. THz technology bears a huge potential for civil security related imaging applications. However, current technological capabilities to generate and detect THz radiation are still cumbersome and costly.

THz Quartzenhanced photoacoustic sensor for H2S trace gas ...

THz Quartzenhanced photoacoustic sensor for H2S trace gas detection Vincenzo Spagnolo,1,* Pietro Patimisco,1,2 Riccardo Pennetta,1 Angelo Sampaolo,1,2 Gaetano Scamarcio,1 Miriam S. Vitiello,3 and Frank K. Tittel2 1Dipartimento Interateneo di Fisica, Università e Politecnico di Bari, CNRIFN UOS BARI, Via Amendola 173, Bari, Italy 2Department of Electrical and Computer …

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Such a detector is characterized by a very flat spectral behaviour in the THz region. It can be calibrated at PTB in Berlin and it should be used as a calibrated normal for your lab. The 3D arrangement of 3 sensors causes a polarization independent detection using 5 interactions of the incoming radiation with sensors.