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Jan 10, 2021· RDG405KN Room thermostat for temperature and air quality control with KNX communications, AC 24 V, VAV heating and cooling systems; /FC12 Room controller with 3speed fan and electric heating coil; Room sensor KNX for temperature, humidity, CO2, white; /CC02 Room controller for chilled ceilings and radiators

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The CO2 alarmed with the main unit in our lounge, on investigation the logburner and ventilation was the cause, which probably explains why we were sleepy. Life saver definitely recommend. Update I''ve ordered the Rain and wind stations and an indoor additional sensor.

HONEYWELL Carbon Dioxide Sensors and CO2 Controllers. Wall ...

Honeywell Carbon Dioxide Sensors/Controllers. Honeywell''s C7232 Sensor and Controller is a standalone Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor used in determining ventilation necessity with HVAC C7232 measures the CO2 concentration in the …

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Ships in 1 to 2 Days. Tasseron THHRAJ5C. Add to Shopping Cart. Tasseron THHRAJ5C : Room Humidity/Temperature Sensor, 5% RH Accuracy, 010 VDC Output, InjectionMolded ABS UL 94 HB Enclosure, 10k Type III Ohm (11k) 77 Deg F (25 Deg C) Thermistor, 5Year Warranty, Made in the USA.

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Thermostat with Humidity CO2 (TS250H)

The TS250H is a commercial grade temperature thermostat with a built in humidity sensor and integrated CO2 sensor. The TS250H is designed for familiarity, simplicity, and intuitiveness. With Online temperature, humidity, and air quality management, configuration, and scheduling you take control of your building''s comfort and efficiency.

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• Sensor and Thermostat Selection Fundamentals White Paper • Sensor and Thermostat Selection Guide • How Hot Do You Feel? (Humidity Effects, Sensing, and Control) • (CO2) Demand Control Ventilation Benefits for Your Building White Paper KMC Controls, 19476 Industrial Drive, New Paris, IN 46553 / 8774445622 / Fax: 5748315252 /

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Jun 02, 2019· Motion / Occupancy Sensor: Voice Assistant: Amazon Alexa. Dimensions of Main Unit on Wal: x Additional Sensors: Our Review. This ecobee thermostat offers a robust range of features. It comes with a sensor and can be set up with up …

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AC Thermostat; Dew Point Thermostat; CO2 Sensor Module. Telaire CO2 Module (Amphenol) Others; Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 27 Products Air Quality Detection 6 Products CO/Ozone/TVOC/Particles 11 Products TemperatureHumidity 6 Products Digital Thermostat 13 Products CO2 Sensor Module ...

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CO2 Sensors offer a fixed 02000ppm fixed 010Vdc output, determine ventilation need with HVAC controllers and measure CO2 concentration in ventilated spaces or ducts. Used in ventilation AC systems to control the amount of outdoor air supplied.

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This new CO2 transmitter is easy to install and requires no maintenance or field calibration. The CDcxx Series incorporates a single beam dual wavelength NDIR CO2 sensor, which compensates for ageing effects, is highly The SCD Transmitter is available with up to 3 010 V outputs (CO2, Temperature and rel. humidity).

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Wireless BACnet Thermostat: eZNTW. The eZNTW is a fully programmable thermostat equipped with onboard WiFi and EnOcean® wireless connectivity. Featuring a standard temperature sensor with humidity, CO2 and motion options, the eZNTW also offers a choice of backlit colors that provide additional user feedback and esthetic appeal.

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CompleteStat is a networkable thermostat and controller with builtin temperature, humidity and motion sensors. But best of all, it makes everything super simple. It’s easy to configure and easy to use. Standard. CompleteStat. ... Monitor Carbon Dioxide.

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C7600 Humidity Sensor for Economizer. The C7262 Sensor is a standalone carbon dioxide (CO2) and temperature sensor for use in determining ventilation necessity with HVAC controllers. The C7262 measures the CO2 concentration and temperature in the ventilated space. C7262 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Temperature Sensor.

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Our Control Sensors aren’t just engineered for performance – they’re engineered to help reduce expenses and time spent on installation. Choose from our humidity sensors, HVAC temperature sensors, pressure sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, occupancy sensors and network sensors – all designed with advanced technology to deliver the ...

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The C Sensor and Controller is a standalone carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor for use in determining ventilation necessity with . All wiring must agree with applicable codes, ordinances and. Hello everyone im having trouble finding a wiring schematic on how to hook up a co2 sensor to a economizer motor to regulate the amount of.